Osprey Kamber 32 Backpack Review

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John Doherty

I am an entrepreneur and long time digital marketing professional, specializing in SEO (search engine optimization). I've been a long time advocate and enjoyer of the outdoors from my teenage years backpacking in the Appalachians around where I lived, two years living in a tiny dairy village in the Swiss Alps, working at a ski resort for six years and then the local ski shop, and now I live in Denver and am married to Courtney, who was raised in Alaska and is also active outdoors. I started Single Geared as a passion project, because I love both the hard-hitting adrenaline media produced in the outdoors world while at the same time inspiring and encouraging others to get outside.

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4 Responses

  1. lorcar says:

    hi and thanks for the great review.
    Did you have the chance to compare it to Mammut Nirvana (either Ride or Pro)?
    i read people complaining about the need to free the buckles from shoulder strap in order to access the backpanel.
    What do you think?

    • John Doherty says:

      Hey Lorcar, thanks forthe comment and questions. I actually looked at the Mammut Nirvana last year and seriously considered it. It’s a solid pack and built very well as you’d expect from Mammut. If you look closely at it though, the back access pocket is inside the straps which means that it’s even harder to get to than the Kamber! Yes on the Kamber you have to undo a couple of buckles to access it, but IMO this is a small price to pay for a better opening pack.

      Other than that, the two packs are pretty similar and it comes down to what you want. For me, having the dual waist strap pockets, a helmet carry system (because neither pack is big enough to put a helmet inside), and the separate pocket for your shovel/probe on the outside were the selling points for me. Plus, the Mammut Nirvana sticks out a bit far for my liking whereas the Kamber stays close to my body even when loaded up.

      I hope that helps! At the end of the day, try them both on and go for the one that fits your style the best.

  2. Courtney says:

    Did your wife also buy this? I know it is designed for men. Im looking for a female designed pack I think, but maybe this works for both?

    • John Doherty says:

      Hi Courtney, my wife did not get one of these. She has an older The North Face pack that she loves, but will be getting a new one in the next year or so and I’ll definitely ask her to review it here! Thanks for the question!

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