Best bouldering shoes for beginners in 2019

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John Doherty

I am an entrepreneur and long time digital marketing professional, specializing in SEO (search engine optimization). I've been a long time advocate and enjoyer of the outdoors from my teenage years backpacking in the Appalachians around where I lived, two years living in a tiny dairy village in the Swiss Alps, working at a ski resort for six years and then the local ski shop, and now I live in Denver and am married to Courtney, who was raised in Alaska and is also active outdoors. I started Single Geared as a passion project, because I love both the hard-hitting adrenaline media produced in the outdoors world while at the same time inspiring and encouraging others to get outside.

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2 Responses

  1. Coach Levi says:

    Nice list. The Defy is definitely a good choice. One missing piece though – I was expecting to see the Five Ten Rogue listed. That’s one of my top recommendations for a beginner shoe. Heck it’s still one of my favorite general-purpose shoes! I do prefer the Mocassym, but the sizing is tougher to get right, so the Rogue wins for that extra adjustability.

    • John Doherty says:

      Hey Levi, thanks for the addition! I’ve heard good things about the Rogue but have not personally used them. Five Tens don’t fit my feet well (medium to wide), but my wife has the Rogue and likes them as an all-around shoe though she does not boulder much.

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