Evolv Agro Climbing Shoe


The Evolv Agro is a single-strap aggressive bouldering shoe meant for experienced boulderers who want/need the ultimate in precision and the trust that their heel and toe hooks will not fail them. This shoe directly competes with the La Sportiva Solution.

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The Agro is the ultimate high end bouldering shoe. With the sensitivity of a tensioned thin rubber midsole and optimal toe rubber coverage, the Agro has everything you’ll need to send your next project. Newly developed TPS (Tension Power System) technology pulls the forefoot from three different points into a downturned power position, thus maintaining the optimal curvature that often collapses over time on other midsole-less shoes. The new Cinch single pull closure system provides a supportive and powerful fit with an easy entry system and keeps buckles out of the way from aggressive toe hooks.


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