Evolv Royale Men’s Climbing Shoe


The Evolv Royale is a great entry-level lace up leather climbing shoe. Leather means it molds to your foot better than other materials, lasts a long time, and is extremely comfortable to wear for long days. It’s not an aggressive shoe, so is best for long routes instead of bouldering.

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The Royale is a popular entry level leather shoe that is comfortable, stiff and durable. As a leather shoe with partial lining, it breaks in nicely with slight stretch.

Rock-climbing just got a whole lot easier. This high-performance shoe is loaded up with great features to help you during climbs. The durable leather upper has built-in webbing so it won’t stretch and the symmetrical toe box provides long-lasting comfort while the double layers of rubber at the toe ensure you’ll be wearing these for a long, long time. With this laced up, you only need to look up and worry about your climb, not your shoe.


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