Ortovox Diract Voice Avalanche Beacon 2025 in Blue


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evo.com | Ortovox Avalanche Beacons > When it comes to avalanche rescue, simplicity, clarity, and ease of use reign supreme. The Ortovox Diract Voice Avalanche Beacon stands out with a unique voice navigation system that guides you during rescue with clear spoken instructions. Three Antenna search with a 50 meter search range lets you flag up to 4 people in the case of a rescue, and its single button operation makes it easy to focus in the heat of the moment. Don’t let stress fog your judgement, get the Diract Voice and know exactly what to do, every time. Beacons Require Training Wearing an avalanche beacon is no guarantee of safety in avalanche terrain. We recommend that backcountry travelers take an AIARE Level One class or the equivalent, and practice the skills they learn there regularly with their partners. Clear Speech Navigation DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, NOR, SV, CZ, NL Fully Graphic 34mm x 45mm Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Works in low temps Carrying System Weight 80 g | Ortovox Diract Voice Avalanche Beacon 2025 in Blue


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