Women’s ZAG UBAC 102 Skins 2023 size 164 | Nylon


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Description | ZAG Climbing Skins > When it comes to skins, ZAG knew precisely what to do – they went straight to Pomoca to source the ZAG UBAC 102 Skins and ordered up the Climb Pro S-Glide in an eye-catching colorway to match the skis. Known among ski touring purists for the best all-round plush, backer and glue in the business, this 70% mohair, 30% nylon skin combines great grip with excellent glide and a supple, low-bulk design that packs very well. Excellent Grip and Glide 70% Mohair / 30% Nylon Pre-installed Wire Bale Tip Attachment Adjustable Tail Strap Pre-Cut to Fit ZAG UBAC 102 Skis | Women’s ZAG UBAC 102 Skins 2023 – 164 | Nylon


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