Nitro Squash Splitboard Skins 2024 size 156 | Nylon


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Description | Nitro Splitboard Skins > Pre-cut to the exact specifications of your shiny new Squash split, the Nitro Squash Splitboard Skins are ready to rumble for your next backcountry session. They’re made of a nylon-mohair blend for the ideal balance of grip and glide, with metal speedhook attachments on both tip and tail for lightning-fast transitions. No fiddling, no fuss, no worries. 65% Mohair / 35% Nylon A mix of Mohair and Nylon fibers make these skins glide effortlessly while generating maximum grip. 100% Waterproof Easy Release Smart Glue Metal Speedhooks Metal Speedhooks on both ends match mounting holes in the boards tip and tail for quick and easy setup. Laser Cut to Fit the Nitro Squash Splitboard | Nitro Squash Splitboard Skins 2024 – 156 | Nylon


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