G3 Ion 10 Binding w/ Boot Stop Brakes

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Features of the G3 Ion 10 Binding w/ Boot Stop Brakes Optimal toe elasticity and forward pressure in heel result in maximum energy absorption and consistent release during active use. Wide freeride mount transfers power to edges, enhances torsional rigidity and provides superior pull-out resistance Ion bindings feature fluid, efficient and confidence inspiring step-ins and transitions Integrated BootStop aligns your boot toe for a quick, easy and consistent engagement QuickFlick heel lifts Are easy to grab with your ski pole or hand while omni-directional heel allows you to turn binding heel in either direction to lock for touring Bindings have been built to require a single Pozi Drive for all mounts and adjustments, reducing number of tools you carry with you Snow clearing channel allows easy ice and Snow discharge preventing build up and unwanted prerelease Brake is spring loaded and fully retracts giving a reassuring step-in and confidence in its ability to stop bigger freeride skis Heel AFD (Anti Friction Device) ensures consistent release for all boots, independent of sole type


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