Black Diamond Glid Mix STS Climbing Skins 2020

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Description | Black Diamond Climbing Skins > You’ll find the Black Diamond Glidelite Mix STS Climbing Skins under the feet of many if not most of the skiers you run across in the backcountry, and for good reason. The Glidelite Mix skins offer probably the best blend of grip, glide, glue and durability in the business, and have for years. Now with BD’s innovative Snap Fit Tip attachment, which goes on way easier than the old model with the screws, plus the proven STS tail strap. Pre-Cut Bikini-Style Tail to Reduce Drag 65% Mohair / 35% Nylon Black Diamond Snap Fit Tip Attachment Doesn’t require tools and offers a secure fit. Patented STS Tail Provides up to 10 cm of length adjustment. | Black Diamond Glid Mix STS Climbing Skins 2020


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