Women’s Picture Organic U14 Jacket 2023 in Black size X-Large | Polyester/Plastic


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Description | Picture Organic Insulated Jackets > A pullover insulated ski jacket with all the waterproofing you need on frigid and wet days, it must be the Picture Organic U14 Jacket. This eco-friendly hard shell contains 60 grams of synthetic insulation for extra warmth, and a Dryply membrane that keeps out water while letting your body breathe. Add zippered pockets and gaiters, and you’ve got an outer layer that keeps the important things dry while you shred on. Adjustable Ergonomic Hood Regular Fit 60g | Thermal STD Insulation Dryplay Membrane The DryPlay membrane is a waterproof, breathable Polyurethane (PU) laminated blend offering the user the best comfort during use. This multi-layered formula for waterproof protection, moisture permeability and durability has been tested in laboratories and field-tested to ensure the best possible durability and function whilst maintaining an optimum level of breathability. Textile and fabric can be recycled together like plastic bottles. Coremax Lining | Women’s Picture Organic U14 Jacket 2023 – X-Large Black | Polyester/Plastic


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