Therm Kids’ Hydracloud Puffer Jacket – 14 – Deep Violet


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The Therm Kids’ Hydracloud Puffer Jacket is a waterproof, windproof puffer for all things winter. Snowman building and Snow angels, recess time and ski weekends and just like your kiddo, it’s ready for it all. The waterproof shell takes the brunt of the weather and turns it aside, but not before the magic pattern on the Upper chest adds some fun to the day. If it gets wet, a print appears to put a smile on their face. Packed with synthetic Insulation, it wraps them in warmth against a cold day. Features of the Therm Kids’ Hydracloud Puffer Jacket Hydra = Featuring a 3,500mm Waterproof Outer and 5,000mm Waterproof Hood and Yoke – will repel the rain even in heavy storms. Fully insulated with High quality lightweight poly fill. Eco-Friendly: Featuring 100% Recycled rPet fabric – made from used plastic products such as water bottles. SplashMagic pattern appears when the fabric gets wet, then returns to the plain color when dry. Soft mesh lining to feel nice against the skin and give an added layer of warmth. ? Stretchy handwarmer cuffs with thumbholes will keep little hands cosy and warm. ? Fleece lined zipper pockets – we’re all about the extra warmth!? Reflective Features front and back? Machine washable and dryer safe. Unisex style + Fit Fabric Details: Outer: 3,500mm Waterproof Nylon Shell Hood/Yoke: 5,000mm Waterproof & Windproof 100% Recycled rPet Polyester Bedford Shell with SplashMagic Print PrintLining: 100% Recycled rPet Soft Polyester Mesh Insulation: Ultra-fine Poly Padding


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