Atomic Warden MNC 11 Ski Bindings 2024 in Black size 115


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Description | Atomic Alpine Ski Bindings > The popular Atomic Warden 11 Ski Bindings are now MNC compatible, and the world’s a better place because of it. Where previous models were strictly ISO 5355 Alpine sole devices, the new version lets you use pretty much any type of adult standard sole. This means you can use your touring boot or your alpine boot on the same pair of skis (provided you have adequate length adjustment and the touring boot has ISO 9523 toe and heel lugs). The other Warden characteristics that make it a favorite among powder and sidecountry skiers remain the same, namely dependability and positive, low effort step in action. We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width. Low Profile Chassis A low stand height improves your feel for the terrain and enhances power transmission to the ski. Oversized Platform A super wide (71 mm) platform ensures maximum lateral power transmission. Freeski Brakes Self-retracting brakes for a close position to the heel so they never catch. U-Power Toe Delivers powerful, precise steering. Low profile and MNC (Multi-Norm Compatible). | Atomic Warden MNC 11 Ski Bindings 2024 – 115 in Black


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