Vittoria Barzo G+ Tire


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The Vittoria Barzo G+ Tire is a mountain bike tire designed for riding Technical cross-country trails. Aggression meets speed in this tire with an alternating ridge design in the center tread and progressive groove angles. Moto-style block knobs laid out in a V-formation tackle challenging cornering at speed. G+ Graphene Rubber compound construction materials provide next-level puncture protection and durability for a long lasting tire. They come tubeless-ready for an easy conversion to a tubeless setup. Recommended for hardcore cross-country mountain bikers in search of an aggressive tire that excels in Technical terrain. Features of the Vittoria Barzo G+ Tire Moto-block squAre knobs offers stability and durability Medium spaced knobs for a range of terrain and conditions Progressive sipe-angle pattern for tactile grip


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