Julbo Monterosa Sunglasses – One Size – Matte Black/Black/Cameleon

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The Julbo Monterosa Sunglasses Are a full coverage frame that can slip from mountain hikes into the urban landscape at the drop of a hat. Or more accurately at the removal of the side shields. The curved shape runs close to the face, with thick side arms that taper down to a thin point at the ends. Grippy inserts at the stem ends ensure a stable Fit that won’t pull your hair, whether you’re barreling down the trail on a mountain bike or kickin’ it with your pals downtown for lunch. Features of the Julbo Monterosa Sunglasses Total Cover Shape: Maximum protection in extreme conditions against harsh sunlight Removable Side Shields: Lateral protection against harsh sunlight Curved Temples: For good hold on the face and head Grip Tech: Soft comfort exclusive material on the temples that doesn’t stick to hair, giving perfect hold and comfort Cord Attachment: Allows attachment of a cord


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