Black Diamond PIEPS Micro BT Button Beacon


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The Black Diamond PIEPS Micro BT Button Beacon is an avalanche beacon that’s small and lightweight for easy transportation and quick, life-saving Performance when it’s down to the wire. Its Technology is designed for fast responses, allowing you to make your rescues without fiddling with the beacon and potentially missing key visual clues as you search. Added Features like the flagging function, app compatibility and both manual and automatic switch ensure that you have every second to search – because every second counts. Features of the Black Diamond PIEPS Micro BT Button Beacon PIEPS 3-antenna-system for maximum circular receiving range Big display for easy readability PIEPS interference protection keeps the influence of external interference to a minimum Auto Search-to-Send automatically switches the PIEPS MICRO BT Button from search mode to transmit mode, if the beacon is not moving for a certain time (due to burial) Group Check reviews the activity and transmission parameters of the partner device Auto-Antenna-Switch in send mode ensures that the other antenna will take over if the transmitting antenna is impacted by external interference Signal Verification option so that only a verified 457kHz signal is indicated


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