Arva Neo Pro Avalanche Beacon 2021


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Description | Arva Avalanche Beacons > The Arva Neo+ Avalanche Beacon is Arva’s pinnacle product and an essential piece when adventuring over the boundary line (with a buddy or two in tow). The Neo+ features a powerful 70 meter search strip width and a bevy of innovative features to enhance backcountry safety, like multiple victim ID, marking function, a U-Turn alarm and a motion sensor in the event of a secondary avalanche. Group Check 70m Search Band Width Beacons Require Training Wearing an avalanche beacon is no guarantee of safety in avalanche terrain. We recommend that backcountry travelers take an AIARE Level One class or the equivalent, and practice the skills they learn there regularly with their partners. 100% Digital with Bright Screen Technology New Holster The holster keeps your transceiver incredibly stable when worn and is specifically designed to protect the search button on your device for a higher level of safety when in transmit mode. | Arva Neo Pro Avalanche Beacon 2021


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