Mammut Men’s Aenergy Air HS Hooded Jacket – XL – Marine/Ice


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The Mammut Men’s Aenergy Air HS Hooded Jacket is a breathable hardshell for ski touring. Tour comfortably with Pertex Shield Air Technology, which prevents Snow, wind and other elements from entering, while allowing water vapor from your hard-earned body heat to escape. This leaves you protected and comfortable, so you can push through the miles to the top and enjoy a wicked ride down. Open up the pit zips when heat needs to escape faster and when the sun on a bluebird day shines through, pack the whole jacket into your pack and the 390g will be bArely noticeable. Features of Mammut Men’s Aenergy Air HS Hooded Jacket Very light and air-permeable material Maximum breathability and weather resistance Waterproof YKK Visloni 2-way front for smooth operation X-vented underarm ventilation with water-repellent zippers Pocket pleat for more volume Internal zipper pocket Internal pocket made from elastic mesh material Cuffs can be adjusted using High-quality hook-and-loop fasteners Fabric Details 100% Polyamide


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