Black Crows Ova Freebird Skis 2025 size 182


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Description | Black Crows Skis > The Black Crows Ova Freebird Skis are built super light and highly maneuverable for the skin track. They have a fairly traditional shape with camber throughout the ski for precise edging and powerful skin pressure, with just a bit of rocker in the front to avoid hookiness when initiating turns. Paired with a slender 85 waist width, this ski is consistent, reliable, and freedom-inducing for long days in the backcountry. We recommend a brake width equal to or at most 15 mm wider than the ski waist width. Flex Intermediate throughout the length of the ski for performance and forgiveness. Paulownia Mounting Point -10cm Partial Semi Cap Construction Semi cap all around with cap construction in tip area for weight sacing, lightness, and handling. | Black Crows Ova Freebird Skis 2025 – 182


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